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How To Give Your Surfboard A Custom Paint Job!

Here are five easy steps to turn your surfboard into a piece of surf art. Or an easy way to turn that old classic sun brunt brown board into a new cool looking stick. This is the same way the pros at lost surfboards or spyder surfboards set up for their amazing art boards.

Step1: Materials
make sure you get the right items for the job. Some colorful spray paint, low tack masking tape, a xacto knife, and a bottle of clear acrylic sealant. The low tack masking tape works the best, it may cost a little more, but when you are peeling it off your board it won't rip or tare. It is always best to do your art on a new surfboard that is clean from wax and grease. But if it's an old longboard or short board just take your time cleaning it up. Once all the wax is removed use some wax remover or paint thinner to get the board as clean as possible.

Step2: Your custom design planning
think big!!!!! You have to think big because a small design wont show up. Try to be original and spend some time on your design. Remember this piece of surf art will be an extension of yourself on your surfboard.

Step3: Taping and cutting your design
tape the surfboard from rail to rail all the way across the board. Make sure to overlap the tape on top of itself about ΒΌ" inch with each piece of tape. This will keep other areas of your surfboard clean from paint. Once you design is decided upon, draw it on top of the tap in the area of the surfboard that you think will look the best. Then you will cut the design out with the xacto knife. But make sure not to press to hard because you do not want to cut into the glass on your surfboard. Once you cut out the design peel off the excess tape from were you want the paint to go. Leaving the protective tape on to keep paint of the rest of your surfboard.

Step4: Painting
cover up the rest of the board that you do not want over spray paint to get on with newspaper. Using a light coat of paint, you can spray over the tape. Try to let the colors or layers dry before you move onto the next color. Allow this area to dry before you add any more colors. Remember heavy coats of paints will only make a mess. Try to spray your board with about a foot of distance between the spray paint and the surfboard. The design will look great once you the extra tape is peeled off.

Step5: The clear coat
once the extra tape is peeled off and the design is finished you will need to apply the clear coat. The clear coat will protect your design from being peeled off. It should take about 2 to 3 lawyer of clear coat. When the clear coat is dried it is time to go surfing.


So get creative and try to remember if you mess up all you have to do is retape and spray a new design.


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Fred Riehl has been surfing and working with Brave New World surf shops for 18+ years!

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