Girls Who Love to Surf!


Women Who Love to Water Surf need a Good Surfboard!


Any surfer girl will need a good surfboard right? Surfing is a sport and you need to have the right equipment and let's face if you don't have a board you ain't surfin right? Well there are are five main types of boards to choose from...the shortboard, the longboard, the fun shape, the gun, and the fish.

The hawaiians started surfing on wooden planks but thankfully surfboards have evolved greatly. The surfboard of today is hand shaped out of foam and finished with a fibreglass coat. Surfboards can be custom made for you or they can be Pop-Outs, a surfboard that is made on a production line and is a cheap alternative to a custom made fibreglass surfboard. Different board types are made differently and it can get quite technical. If you want more in-depth information check out our resources page, but for beginner information just read on.

For beginners the best board is the long board as they are the easiest to learn on. They are the best because they are bigger and thicker and easier to catch waves with and are more stable to stand up on. The ideal board should be at least 9' long and be made of foam. Foamies as they are called are the ideal board to start on and are used in surf schools to learn on. The longboard's length, combined with its width and thickness provide beginners a stable platform giving them ample time to stand up and surf.

SurfBoard Parts:



Longboard SurfboardThe Longboard:

Most longboards average between 9'0 and 12'0 in length and 21" to 24" in width. Longboards are extremely stable and can catch waves from 1 ft to double-over-head. The main difference in design is that the nose of the Longboard is rounded. The downside of a longboard is that due to their volume they can be quite heavy. So if you have any aspirations to look like a Baywatch beauty running on the beach with your may not want to carry this kind of board.



Shortboard SurfboardThe Shortboard:

This is the type of board that is pictured above. It is a board used to perform quick manoeuvres on waves and is the most popular type of surfboard design. The size of these Shortboards is generally from around 5'8'' to 7'' long and and 16" to 19" wide. These boards are designed with high performance in mind. They allow more advanced surfers the ability to quickly change direction and perform tail slides, airs, and other maneuvers that resemble those made by skateboarders. For the beginner it may be harder to maneuver and paddle on. This board is very light and easy to carry so it would be a good learning board for children.

The Funboard:

Funboards range in length between 6'6 and 8'0 and 20" to 22" wide. They are a cross between a shortboard and a long board with a shortboards maneuvering ability and a longboard's paddling ability. These boards perform well in all conditions and are much more forgiving for the less experienced surfer.

The Gun:

The gun is used when the waves are large and powerful; they are a bigger version of the Shortboard and are used in the big wave arena. The Gun can be anywhere from 7'2'' in length to over 12' for the really big waves.

The Fish:

The Fish is a variation of the Shortboard but is smaller in length. The lack of length is made up by an increase in the width of the board, giving it a slightly more rounded shape. Fish are generally between 4'8'' and 6'0'', several inches shorter than normal shortboards and significantly wider. Fishes incorporate swallow tails which increases its wave-catching ability and provides a looser board.

Buy Surf Gear Onliine. Click Here!   A Word About Tail Design:

  Here are the some terms used to describe the shape of the tail.

  Rounded Square - This is the most popular shape. It produces squarer turns and good  maneuverability.

  Round - The round tail has less planning surface than a rounded square which require more turning from the rails thus producing smooth arcing turns.

  Pin - This shape is used for big wave boards for its ability to hold in steep waves.

  Swallow - This shape is similar to the rounded square but its larger surface area produce a looser board and more paddling power.
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