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Avalanche: Any big wave that is breaking; a name for a surf spot located in Hawaii.    

ASP - Association of Professional Surfing.

Backdoor: Taking off behind the peak on a hollow wave.

Bail out: Abandoning ones surfboard before getting wiped out.

Baggies: Surf or swim trunks.

Barney: An inexperienced surfer or one who acts immature.

Barrel: A barrel is where the wave is hollow when it is breaking. For some surfers it's the be all and end all of surfing. Sometimes called a Tube.

Board: Short for surfboard.



Beach break: Waves breaking over a sand bottom.

Blank: The foam used to shape a surfboard.

Blown Out: Where the onshore wind turns the surf in to unrideable mush.

Bodyboard: A small soft foam "board” used primarily with swim fins, and ridden prone.

Bodysurf: Surfing the waves without a board.

Bomb(s): Large and very large waves.

Brah: Hawaiian slang for brother, (Brudda).

Carve/Carving: The classic surfing manoeuvre. Basically what turning on a wave is called.  

Choppy: Ocean wave conditions that are rough not smooth.

Cannon ball: Going into the fetal position during a wipeout.

Caught Inside: Surfers that are inside the breaking waves and can't get to the outside smooth water because of the white water

Clean: Good conditions, good waves, and good surfboards.

Close out: A wave that breaks all at once. A wave that peels, and then breaks all at once.

Cord: The urethane leash used to attach the surfboard to a surfer.

Cross Step/Stepping: The art of walking up and down a longboard - walking foot over foot.

Cutback: Reversing the direction that you are surfing in one smooth fluid move.

Deck: The top side of the surfboard.

Dipping: A short board maneuver used when paddling out to get under and through on coming waves.

Ding: Damage to a surfboard.

Double up: When two waves combine.

Dawn patrol: Early morning surf session

Drop in: Catching a wave and going down the face; catching a wave late and then standing up in front of someone already ridding.

Endless Summer: The best surfing movie ever!

Face: The complete front of a wave.

Fan: A trail of water sent shooting out momentarily suspended in air; the result of a high powered or quick turn.

Feathering: When waves are about to cap or break; the very first sight of white water at the top of a wave, just before it breaks or spills.

Fin(s): The rudder(s) used on the bottom of surfboards for control.

Foam: The material used to shape surfboards out of; the white water of a breaking wave; the bubbles left over from a breaking wave.

Front side: Facing the wave while surfing.

Glassy: Very smooth ocean and wave conditions.

Gun: Surfboard designed to ride big waves.

Hit the lip: When a surfer maneuvers the surfboard up to meet the lip of the wave as it is coming down, and then comes down with it.

Hammered: Taking a pounding from a wave.

Hollow: A cylinder shaped wave.

Inside: Surfing in the tube of a wave; being positioned on the shore side of the breaking waves.

Leash: The urethane cord used to attach a surfboard to a surfer. (see cord).

Line up: Were the surfers are sitting; where the waves are breaking; a marker on the beach used to position off of.

Lines: The unbroken series of waves coming in.

Locals: Long time regulars at a particular surf spot, or area.

Long board: Any board 3 feet longer than your height with a wider rounded nose, (front).

Mushy: Non-powerful waves that crumble.

Nose: The front of the surfboard.

Overhead waves: Higher than a person’s height over the falls: A wipe out where a surfer goes over with the breaking lip of the wave.

Peak: The highest part of a wave. The position where a wave first breaks.

Pearl: A wipe out where the nose of the surfboard goes under the water.

Phazer: A surfboard designed with a dimpled bottom.

Point break: Waves breaking off and around an outcrop of land; also a movie with Keanu Reeves (Yummy!)

Pop-up: Getting to ones feet, after catching the wave.

Rail: The curve on the sides of a surfboard.

Reef break: Waves that break over a bottom other than sand.

Ripping: Surfing well.

SAS: Surfers Against Sewage an organization to clean up the water.

Set: A series of outside breaking waves.

Shaka: The universal pinky-thimb hand signal for "awesome"!

Shooting the curl: Angling or trimming with the breaking part of the wave.

Short board: A small surfboard.

Shoulder: The unbroken edge of a breaking wave.

Sleeper set: Usually the biggest wave of the day that catches surfers off guard

Soft board: Surfboards made of soft materials for safety.

Soup: The white water from a broken wave.

Spray: Water being blowing off the face of a wave, the "plume". The release of water from a surfboard as it moves along; especially strong after quick turns.

Stall: A maneuver intended to slow the surfboards’ forward momentum in order to let the wave catch up, or to get in the barrel.

Stick: Slang for surfboard.

Surf wax: Wax that is used for traction, and applied to the deck of fiberglass surfboards.

Swell: Waves

Tail: The back end of a surfboard.

Thruster: A 3-finned surfboard.

Tube: A hollow breaking wave, when a surfer rides inside a hollow breaking wave.

Wipe out: Falling off while surfing.

Worked: To "get worked" is to wipe out and get thrown about while being held under by the wave. 

Zipper: A fast breaking wave.

Zone: Where the waves are breaking; when rhythm, timing and flow come together.


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