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Surfing in Cornwall - A Historical Primer
By Jamie Turner

Surfing originated from Tahiti and Hawaii and is it generally thought that it was the Polynesians that first took to the waves. Originally surfing on large wooden boards crafted by the elders. It is thought that many royals in the communities took great satisfaction in surfing and proved themselves to be great leaders by riding the largest waves possible. One leader even went so far as to never go out in the waves unless everyone else was to afraid to!

The first Westerner to come across surfing was Captain James Cook who recognized surfing in the early 1770's. Westerners declared that surfing was an unholy pursuit and eradicated it from the local way of life.

Surfing was brought to the America and Australia in 1915 by Duke Kahanamoku, a Hawaiian Olympic champion. The American people embraced the sport and surfing took off on the course of history. It was only in the 1960's that surfing was introduced to Cornwall, UK by lifeguards from Australia. Surfing in Cornwall soon took off and seemed to fit nicely with the hippy revolution of the time.

Cornwall holds some world class surfing waves, notably Fistral beach Newquay, but also more locally know is Porthleven which holds a powerful wave indeed. Newquay has been internationally renowned on the competitive circuit for some time now and goes from strength to strength with talk of a new artificial reef being implemented.

Surfing has for many people become an absolute life culture. Cornwall holds some of the worlds most beautiful landscapes and it is a pleasure to be involved with nature in the way that surfing allows you to.

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Jamie Turner



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