Girls Who Love to Surf!


Do's and Dont's

  • Don't use Alcohol
  • Do Be aware of your surroundings and other surfers
  • Do Stay in your comfort zone, don't get in over your head
  • Do Hold or Throw - Know when to throw your board and when to hold on to it. If you are going to wipe out then throw the board.
  • Don't steal someone else's wave...that isn't cool. The surfer who is closest to the breaking wave has priority.
  • Don't forget your sunblock!
  • Do have fun!
  • Do bring a surf buddy.
  • Do follow the rules of the beach your on
  • Do practice and improve your surfing skills
  • Don't panic if you get caught in a RIP. 
  • Do make sure you are physically able and fit enough to surf.
  • Don't drag your board in the is bad for the board!
  • Do stretch before getting in the water
  • Do stretch after leaving the water
  • Do study the waves before you paddle out
  • Do know if the tide is coming in or going out...especially if you are parked on the beach!
  • Do stay updrift of your board so it won't hit you if you loose control.
  • Do paddle for valleys around waves if possible
  • Don't forget to sand your fins if they are sharp or suffer a nasty scar
  • Do use Rash Guards to avoid sun and rash
  • Don't forget your drinking water
  • Don't forget your lip balm with SPF
  • Do use Sun Cure for minor board dings

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