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Ten Ways to be Sun Safe

As summer comes on, everyone is eager to get back to the beach. It's time for watersports once again, time to be surfing that wave. But surfing can put you at risk from the sun. When you enjoy watersports, it's important to be sun safe. Here are ten easy ways to protect yourself while surfing:

1. Always use sunblock. Even underwater watersports can leave you vulnerable to sun exposure. Choose a water-resistant sunblock cream.

2. Use the right sunblock factor for your skin. People with paler skin need stronger sunblock.

3. Don't leave off the sunblock because you want to get a tan. If you're out surfing regularly, you'll still tan through your sunblock, but more healthily.

4. If your skin burns easily, wear a Rash Guard while surfing.

5. Make sure your sunblock covers all of your exposed skin. Ask for help if you can't reach to apply your sunblock everywhere.

6. When you take a break from watersports, wear a wide-brimmed hat to protect your face.

7. Remember that even on cold days, when you're surfing in chilly water, you need sunblock to be safe.

8. If sunblock makes your skin sore, choose a hypoallergenic sunblock product to use while surfing.

9. If you forget your sunblock and start to burn, ask for help at the nearest first aid station - most popular surfing beaches have one.

10. If all else fails, remember that night-time watersports are also be fun. Surfing the waves by moonlight can be an extra thrill if you bring a buddy for safety.


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